Unwind Brighton Part 2

By chloe • Events, Knitting, Spinning • 16 Jul 2014

First off, Unwind made national press!


To continue my unwind experience – the much anticipated podcast meet up! It was lovely to actually meet the faces of the familiar voices and also be introduced to new podcasts to try. Exciting! See the fun line up of podcasters all in one photo. Great job you all! Thank you for all the hard work so we listeners can sit back and unwind each time.

Not in particular order:
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After all this socialising, it’s time to hit the market place. After the spinning trial in the morning I was eager to get my hands on a spindle. Spincity booth was packed with people checking out the pretty resin flower spindles and drop spinning demo.


I ended getting a basic wood spindle and love the simple feel of it. With new spindle in hand I grabbed some practice tops from John Arbon textiles. I love their story of restoring the old mills and how their display reflects that. They are also super friendly and helpful people. I’m definitely going back for more.



I had my mind set on making the Curious Handmade Pebble Beach shawlette that was included in the unwind program. My mission was to find the perfect skein at the market place to match it. After petting every single skein of fingering weight there or it seems, it was down to either Old maiden aunt or Sparkleduck.



Decision was made finally when I found the last skein of “pebble” at Sparkleduck in the colour way “looking for the whale”. It’s BFL in a variegated ocean blue with donegal nepps in the same colour as the Brighton beach pebbles. Perfect match. I can’t be happier.


The marketplace was truly a who’s who of British knitting community. I wished I wasn’t so shy and star struck to speak to most of them. They were always surrounded by people 😉




When the marketplace closes it’s time to sit by the beach and reflect the day – new skills, new toys and new friends. A memorable event indeed. I’m already looking forward to next year 🙂



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