Unwind Brighton – Part 1

By chloe • Events, Knitting, Spinning • 15 Jul 2014

Last Saturday I went to Unwind Brighton, my first fibre event after becoming a knitter. It was a delightful whirlwind of a day! I learned new skills, bought some new toys and made a new friend! C is a super elegant lady also from London who has been knitting and spinning all her life. We met first thing in the morning while waiting for the doors to open and ended up going to drop in classes together.

The first drop in class is the spinning surgery by the very lovely Jay Kendall . She has generously laid out bags after bags of various fibres for us to explore, most of which are first time experience for a new knitter like me. Jay taught us how to make our own puni from a mix of fibre which is so much fun. Mine is a mix of merino, silk and Angelina.




C helped me spin the puni.


Giving spinning my first try.

See the fabulously even and thing bit by C and the funky novelty yarn bit by me 😉


Btw I thought my colour inspiration of the puni was Finding Nemo. But when I was going through recent photos of Vivi I realised she gave me the inspiration last Friday at playgroup 😉


Next we attended the darning drop in class by Tom of Holland. Again a first time experience for me, seeing the arrays of cute darning mushrooms and artfully mended garments. We learned to mend a small hole using the weaving darning method. Tom explained the method in simple steps and made it fun. I will be looking forward to wearing my hand knits over the years till they develop some holes to mend 😉



My practice piece, front and back-



That’s all for now. I will save the podcast meet up and my purchases for the next post 🙂

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