Triple Pebble Shawlette

By chloe • Knitting • 10 Aug 2014


Despite started late, the Pebble Beach Shawlette turned out to a fast and smooth potato chip knitting. I finished the picot edge and blocked it with one day to spare for photography before the KAL deadline. Love the rhythm and flow of this pattern. I was always attracted to more complicated shawls which I “can’t figure out the stitch pattern myself”, if you know what I mean. This shawl is nothing but, yet it takes a certain design aesthetic to do the simple and elegant. In this design, the balance between lines and spaces is just perfect. I’ve become a fan!

I’m very happy with the yarn (BFL with donegal nepps) and pattern match. With added tea coloured glass beads, I have a “triple pebbles” effect – the yarn overs, the nepps in the yarn and beads! The shawl lives up to its name 🙂

nhj_project (6 of 6)

nhj_project (4 of 6)

nhj_project (3 of 6)

nhj_project (2 of 6)

nhj_project (1 of 6)

Some simple mods:
– repeated row 65-72 two more times to increase size. this makes a total of 20 rows of the original eyelets.
– added beads to row 91 and 93 on either side of the first purl ridge row
– added beads to picot edge with this method, every 4 stithes. * BO 4, crochet chain 1, place bead, chain 2, anchor chain in the last BO’s front leg. repeat from *.

The beads are glass with facets purchased from Walthamstow haberdashery store. They lost a bit of the rainbow coating during soak but still very sparkly.

Time to go back and finish up my Hitofude next! Oh and I have a secret project I’m working on and will hopefully write about in a couple of days! Can’t wait!!


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