The Mad Men Challenge Dress

By chloe • Sewing • 29 Mar 2012

I’ve been working on this blog for a while but have been shy to share it outside the family. When I saw Julia Bobbin’s Mad Men sewing challenge though I knew I had to join.

So here’s the result – inspired by Betty Draper’s coffee date dress in Season 3. There’s something about the original scene’s lighting that completes the dress. I tried to capture the overall feel of the outfit with a more subtle color palette to suit my style.

The pattern is based on Vogue 8511. Fabric is a linen mix purchased 2 years ago from Shibuya Marunan while I was living in Tokyo. The dress is fully lined with cotton.

For a fitted style, the dress is surprisingly comfortable to wear, thanks to the pleats in the skirt.

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