Fiber experiments

By chloe • Knitting, Spinning • 29 Oct 2014

It’s been a while since I shared my ongoing projects here. It’s not the lack of projects themselves but rather the feeling that there’s so much to try and experiment and not enough time to stop and ponder. Life is very full. I’m truly blessed.

Here’s some snapshots of just a few of the fiber things I’m playing with:

My first try at dying. Shetland roving dyed with food colouring. Fractal spun 2 ply. This is becoming a foliage hat for my 2 year old girl.

My first hand carded project. Mix of grey bfl, White Shetland, rainbow sparkles and pulled silk slubs. Spun long draw and planning a 2 ply. Maybe a shawl? I keep going back and forth on the colour. Sometimes I love the subtle cloudy sky with rainbow slubs, but sometimes in the shade it looks a little drab. Will need to swatch and see.


Lately we’ve been enjoying the fall leaves in the park. Vv loves jumping in the piles and leaves and spraying them up high. Inspired by the fall colours I got my hands on some kook aid dying.

My first try at kool aid dying. The five colours in the bottles are mixed of lemonade, cherry and grape. Microwaved about 4 mins in increments in glass tray covered with shrink wrap. I’m quite pleased with the result. It’s still a little too pastel for my taste. But I guess it’s hard to achieve intense colours with food dye. One day when I have a dedicated basement sink with no little fingers around I will move onto real dying ;-). For now, life is full enough. My heart is glad.

This Friday we fly to the USA for 2 weeks, visiting San Francisco, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. Stay tuned for more yarn crawl posts 🙂


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