A slow start…

By chloe • Knitting • 8 Jul 2014

Some things in life we give several tries before giving up for good, knowing it’s not for us. I thought knitting was one of them for me.

How wrong I was. It turned out, I was simply not ready yet.

The Yarn Harlot said “knitting is like a marriage – you don’t just trash the whole thing just because there are bad moment.” But you have to get married to knitting in the first place! It turned out I was dating the right one at wrong times. Like those heart warming romance movies where two people keep bumping into each other over the years until one day they realise they are meant to be together. That’s knitting and me.

And we think we finally got engaged this time around 😉

Crescent ginkgo shawlette. Ravelled here.

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